Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dextons 4th Birthday Party!

 My little Dexton turned 4 on June 5th.  He wanted a Toy Story Party and this is what I came up with...
 The Dessert Table
 The Banner I had made for Dexton.
 The Cake and Cupcakes I made for his Party.
 Soilder Kisses...
 The Toy Story Cake I made.
 Mommy and Dexton - AKA Jessie and Woody
Some of the desserts on the Dessert Table...

 The Dessert Table, the Thank You's, the t-shirts for the boys and the food.
 Angie dressed up as Buzz, me as Jessie, and Dexton as Woody. 
 Buzz Light Year Bowling.
 Pin the tail on Bulls Eye...

 Pinata...Dave was brave enough to hold it for the kids ha ha!

 Musical Chairs
 Present Time!
 My friend had a fire truck he was using for a parade and brought it over so the kids could play on it.  They loved it!

 Cake Time!

My friends little girl Avery!  Isn't she cute eating the alien cupcake pop!
 I forgot to take a picture of the t-shirts I bought and then put "Space Ranger and the boys name on it"  They were a hit!
The water bottles I made

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Michael Jackson Birthday Party!

 Ok, hands down this was the coolest kids birthday party I had ever been too!  Our friends little boy Jarom was turning 5 and wanted a Michael Jackson Birthday Party.  Holy cow did his mom and dad go all out!  They had decorations, food, a ton of desserts, a live band singing only Michael Jackson hits, games, face painting, prizes, I could go on and on!  It was awesome!  I loved making Jaroms birthday cake and cupcakes!  Jarom I hope you had a great birthday and thanks for the invite!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Spottens

Dexton pretending to be Spider Man with his cousin Jacob

Sheila and her husband Dan

The Spotten Family: From L to R Jacob, Christopher, Anthony, Sheila, Allie, Dan, Dexton, and Trevor

My sister Sheila came out from Atlanta for a short visit.  Unfortunately it was for a death but we were happy to see the whole family.  My sister only has boys so she was so excited to see and hold Allie for the 1st time.  We don't get to see my sister and her family much so it was great seeing them for the little time we did.  Love you sis!  And I'm so sorry for the loss.