Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4th Of July Fun!

Every 4th of July we do the same thing every year.  1st thing 1st we always head down to Nephi for the city carnival.  Here Dexton is riding one of the rides with his hair painted from one of the booths.

Dexton, Auntie Angie and his cousin Nathan.
After Nephi we always head up by the Stadium of Fire to BBQ, play games, and watch the fire works with Daves Family and other friends.
This is his cousin Canyon and Dexton eating subways.
Dexton with some of his cousins and friends

Dexton, his cousin Jacob, and friend Sienna playing with bubbles.

Christie always brings these light stix for the kids to wear at night.  They love it!

 Showing the light stix off.
Friends and Cousins watching the Fire works.

On the 5th of July we were still celebrating!  Here Dexton and some of his cousins and Grandma and Grandpa Nuttalls swimming.

Playing with Snaps

Dexton eating one of his favorite foods

Dexton and his cousin Jacob.  They are only one month apart.  They used to fight like crazy but I think they are actually friends now.



Jacob's birthday is on the 4th of July!  
Happy Birthday Jacob!

Dexton just chillin with Grandpa Nuttall

Friends and Family doing our own Fireworks.

Dave had to fly the whole weekend of the 4th but he made it in time to watch the last day of the fireworks.
 I just love this little guy!
 Dexton, friends and cousins waiting in line patiently for a sparkler.  Don't mind Dexton with his hand down his bum.  Oh my gosh.

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!


Dexton is FINALLY Potty Trained!!! Just turned 3 and it happened!!!  This is him right after he went poop on the toilet, he got a movie for his prize and here he is watching it on the couch. 

Strawberry Days 4 on 4 Volleyball!

Strawberry Days 4 on 4 Volleyball Tournament!
This year Dave and I were only able to play one day but the rest of our team did awesome the next day.  We took 1st in our division!
Rest of the Team, Erin, Will, Mike and Anna!  Go TEAM!

Nuttall Family newest Additions!

Dave's sister Kim and brother n'law Kendell's newest addition Kloe Davies!

Dave's sister Erin and brother n'law Will's newest addition Emma Moak!

The Nuttall Family is so busy this year, plus the 2 already born this summer, Dave's other sister is due in November with me!!!  So far 3 out of the 4 are girls, we will soon find out what Lisa is having.